Maria Loulaki Transformational Coach




I'm Maria.


I'm entrepreneur, scientist, philanthropist, and optimist dedicated to helping you remove anything standing between you and your potential. I'm a lifelong student and practitioner wired to communicate and improve the lives of others.


I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, and have a passion and curiosity for people and life's adventures. I came to the UK at the start of 2002 and gave birth to my son later that year. In 2004 my horse came over from Greece to join us and together we started to explore the beauty of the British countryside. My life since then hasn’t always been a bed of roses and the lessons I've learned haven’t been easy. But, as Buddha says in his Noble truths, 'Life is suffering'. Once we truly understand this truth, we can transcend. Today, I'm proud to have a strong social conscious and an open mind and I want to help people globally through my life-coaching solutions to overcome their problems and achieve results.


Throughout my life's journey I've learned what works and what doesn’t work in life.  When something isn't working in your life you have a new goal to fix it! And this is where I come in to help you fix and remove unnecessary burdens and obstacles. And this is when progress will happen.


My commitment to you is to offer solutions to your problems and help you to create a life full of balance and fulfilment.

Over the past 30 years of my professional career I have developed considerable commercial experience combined with extensive scientific research knowledge. Prior to become a life coach, I worked in managerial positions in health care industries, multinational organisations and as a forensic scientist.


I have attended universities in the UK and Northern Ireland and I've achieved a BSc degree in Forensic Science, PGDip in Forensic Anthropology and Clinical Microbiology.


When I'm not coaching people, I’m a member of KENYON (International emergency services) and a trustee board member of Bournemouth Foodbank. I'm passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: spirituality, forensic archaeology, music, and fitness just to name few.


With my coaching solutions I help individuals how to get anything they want in life.

I can offer solutions to your problems and help you to reinvent yourself. Together we will draw a new personal plan which will be led by you and delivered to you. Because I'm genuinely curious about human potential, and I strongly believe that knowing what's important makes it easier to ignore what's not. Therefore, my priority is to identify your life's challenges and to rectify them.

Coaching Solutions For...

Personal development:

If you feel overwhelmed or are experiencing setbacks in your personal life for whatever reason, I will help you to discover your unique blend of talents and experiences and make that big change in your life.


Increase your self-awareness and confidence:

If you are financially secure and have a good job but feel that there is still something missing and you don’t know how to get it, or you want to move in the social circles of your dreams, or meet your life partner, I will help you to turn those dreams into reality, and to discover a new refinement and a new perspective to apply to your new life. Similarly, if you find yourself in a midlife crisis, or are suffering the effects of divorce or separation or domestic abuse, I will show you a new way of coping effectively and how to redesign your life.


Coping effectively with bereavement:

If you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one, I can help you smoothly to overcome this life-changing event, to find your way through your new reality and to start a new life by putting one foot in front of the other day by day.


Conflict and resolution in personal and professional environment:

If you are suffering conflict in your relationships or aspects of your life and you feel trapped, I can offer you a solution by employing new strategies and a consistent, focused action plan.

The Process

• I Listen carefully to understand my client's needs.

• I ask about their frustrations and challenges.

• I set goals and define their dreams.

• I match up the knowledge I have to their problems and show them how to reduce or eliminate obstacles that stand between their dreams and their potential.

My Commitment

• To initiate innovation.

• To strive to turn negative situations into positives.

• To keep feeding your hunger to achieve your full potential.


I organise Coaching Retreats offering unique experiences and personal resolutions.


I currently organise two types of retreats twice a year. One is taking place during the winter (November - December), and involves some voluntary work during the olive harvest in the island of Crete. The second one is during the summer between the end of June and middle of September, and involves long relaxation at the beach, in a wonderful summertime resort in Crete. There you can learn how to wind surf or just enjoy the absolute snorkelling experience in the most friendly sea in the world.


Winter Retreats


The coaching retreat for 2018 is on the island of Crete in Greece and involves voluntary work in the olive plantations during the olive harvest. This is a unique opportunity to learn, explore and get involved in the process that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Olive picking and olive production is hard work in which body and mind have to work in combination in order to be productive and efficient. Since this always takes place during the winter period, usually between November and December, the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes light rain can force us to cut our day short. However, even if this happens we still have a lot to do and see.

Summer Retreats


This will be on the island of Crete during summer 2018. The summer retreats  last five days. They commence from the end of June and are available throughout July and August. They involve lazy hot summer days by the beach and nights full of relaxing conversation around the table of the traditional tavernas and fishing restaurants. The programme includes surfing lessons and snorkelling in an ideal Mediterranean beach.

Where You Will Stay

The houses are situated in the attractive village of Palaikastro in Lasithi, Crete, and are traditional stone buildings with an excellent atmosphere and flair in the middle of the olive plantations. You will have exclusive use of the house, which offers comfortable accommodation, in single and double rooms, and in an informal and friendly atmosphere. You will be able to prepare your own breakfast and snacks as you like it without missing the comfort of your own kitchen! There are many good tavernas and restaurants in the area offering traditional Cretan food.




20/6/2018 - 06/07/2018 STILL AVAILABLE

25/08/2018- 15/09/2018  STILL AVAILABLE


The houses are stone build maisonettes for 2 people and maisonettes for 4 people


The daily programme is flexible and everyone can start their day at their preferred time.


Due to the hot weather, the sports activities will be from 9:00 am until noon and from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

Please check this website for more information about the sports club:


Evening meals can either be taken with the rest of the group or you can opt to dine separately in a restaurant of your choosing,  depending on the finishing time and the activities they have taken earlier that day. For bookings and more details please contact me before the end of May to discuss any accommodation needs and other personal preferences.

During the retreat you will experience the following:

The unique chance to step out of everyday life to reflect with others on your goals and dreams, your values and your relationships in the most untouched environment in the south east of Crete.

Photography Lessons

Is a rear opportunity to learn from a true master of nature and landscape photography Manolis Tsantakis.

Manolis has numerous of national and international awards for his photographs and during the lessons will showcase his impressive portraits and share his methods with you!

Other Activities

During the retreat you will have the opportunity to explore and take a unique travel to history and learn about the  Minoan civilisation.

Visit the ancient ITANOS village and learn about the first inhabitants of Crete.

Calendar of Retreats

Retreats are available from 25th June 2018 and throughout July and August, and up to mid-September. * dates are subject to availability. Please send me your enquiries early to book your preferred dates.


Price per person:

£900.00 for 5 days. The price includes accommodation and coaching sessions.

Airplane tickets, transfers and meals are not included. Early booking (before the end of May) is highly recommended in order to get better airplane fares to Heraklion, Crete.


• "Maria was very informative and approachable; clearly adapting her wealth of knowledge to my specific and sensitive issues, and gave some very insightful advice regarding big questions such as "do I want to take control of my own life vs someone else/my inner naysayer   preventing me from going forwards in achieving my goals.. giving rise to very thought provoking yet fundamental questions I feel many people either never even consider, or perhaps avoid because of fear of confronting them."

T. C.


• "We had a very helpful conversation with Maria about how the coaching club will work for our group who have been retired and have plenty of time to ourselves. We wish to participate in Maria's venues and we found Maria's presentation welcoming, talked directly and with a friendly manner to all of us, and she gave us choices and extra time to think. She was respectful and flexible, which is exactly what we need!"

Barry, Linda, Paula, Wendy


Please contact me with any questions about life coaching and coaching retreats.